2016 has been such a growing year for me full of healing, eye-opening moments, joy and learning.My business went great and you may say “Konnie, how great. You worked with 13 amazing ladies.” Yes, and I have.I am grateful for my amazingly supporting husband, cutest daughter ever and another one on the way. I am blessed with a few wonderful but close friends and a diverse amazing network that I LOVE. Yet personally this past year hasn’t been easy.

In March I decided I’m done playing small and hiding behind my fears and low self-esteem. I wanted to rest in myself, shine my light full of inner peace and self-confidence, forgive and heal. Thanks to God who always brought the right resource into my life, be it great conversations with the right friend, my hubby, God or wonderful coaches, books, programs, I dared to out of my comfort-zone and learned many valuable lessons about me AND my business.

I forgave, allowed God to heal me, allowed my dreams and fears that I have for my life and business to surface and trust that God puts nothing on your heart you cannot achieve. I acknowledged (and still do) my fears and released them. I learned what clients I am equipped to work with and which clients need more help then I can offer them. I learned which organizing topics I am passionate and why.

All that were very time-consuming processes, painful at times, filled with streams of tears and love, yet so worth it! I thank my hubby, my daughter and friends to give me all that time, their ear, their hugs, their encouragement and cheering on.Yet there was still something missing – time to nourish and grow close, intimate relationsships, time to relax, time to rejuvenate.

The sentence I heard most from my daughter in 2016 was: “Mommy, you always work.”. Though I want to live out to her that you can have anything you set your mind on, I also want to live out to her (also for my own sake) that it is ALL about BALANCE in life. I strongly believe and know from first-hand experience that only when you live a balanced life, can you shine your true light, live your purpose and be who you were created to be, can give back.

I guess partially I was linking being successful in life and business to having more stuff, more money. There is no shame in getting value back in return that you give to the world. There is no shame in enjoying a nice Spa treatment, or this great new red Dior dress (whatever it may be for you). There is no shame in celebrating your achievement. Just the opposite. I feel we all need to do more of celebrating.

Yet there is this other part of celebrating to me, sharing it with loved ones, having intimate moments with my husband, spending regular quality time with my girlfriends, having time for my daughter – and all based on inspired action without stress.

There is a deep calling for me in 2017 to share more about peace of mind, ideal scheduling, living a life that focuses more on deep love, joy and relationships – transformation really and all about how to setting goals and really reaching them, freeing time, energy, positivity and mindset to enable me and you living the life we really want to live. It is happening every day! Already! All we need is an open mind, trust and willingness for change, to step out of our comfort-zone. Why? Life is happening out THERE…usually out of our COMFORT ZONE. So all is good.

I can’t wait to share with you the next step that I’m working on frantically with my amazing team to get you closer to more Freedom. Watch this space. My subscribers and Facebookgroup-members will be the first to hear about it and grab one of the 30 spaces.

My wish for 2017 for you amazing ladies is to continue to organize in an easy, fun and simple way, to love, never stop believing in yourselfes and dreams. May joy, abundance and love surround you today and always!!

Simply Organized With Konnie

Some of my highlights in 2016:

  • Grew my income by 80%
  • Worked with 13 amazing ladies in my private professional organizing business
  • Hired an amazing transformational relationship coach
  • Hired a wonderful business coach with a mastermind-group for the first half of the year
  • Hired a freaking amazing business coach for the 2nd part of the year
  • Celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary
  • Restored my self-love and confidence
  • Established a daily-me time with meditation, prayer, and inspired action-planing for the day
  • Stopped checking my emails/iphone all the time
  • Started having regular pedi’s and mani’s
  • Re-establish regular times with my girlfriends
  • Re-establish regular magical date-times with my hubby
  • Read 10 books (5 not business-related)
  • Made room in my schedule for creating content and programs filled with my passions, expertise and knowledge

Looking forward to sharing what it means to me to experience personalized, simple, fun organization, a clear mind, deep (self-)love and intimacy and allowing to live my dreams.


Warmest Wishes and Hugs,