Successfully RelocatingHello ‪#‎Relocation‬ ‪#‎Thursday‬!!

Another ‪#‎important‬ tip to implement when you want to ‪#‎Relocate‬‪#‎successfully‬ is to EAT OUT, GO OUT, MEET OTHER PEOPLE!

When you first arrive getting to know other people can be challenge. Check out different (expat) groups like AWG, AAWE, message or Internations that are in your city rather than sticking to just fellow countrymen. Do not isolate yourself. Take this time abroad to gain multicultural competence and interact with local people, go beyond the superficial level and make friends within your new culture.

Think about what kind of people you want to mingle with. What interest should they have, what kind of hobbies and where could you most likely meet them. Write it down and act on it.

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