Are you running a business? Maintaining a high-flying career? Having and wanting to spend time with your family? Have a life with less stress?

Have you tried trizillion things to work out this magic formula of working less, living more, more success, less stress and failed at it?

Good NEWS!

First, you are totally normal. We all struggle with this, yes even the productivity gurus like me. You’re in good company, I’d say. Breathe.

Secondly, you came to right place. I can help you. Simply read on AND join my Facebook group for more great and helpful stuff like this.

I’m sure you’ve read a few articles, books or saw videos what highly successful people seem to do that makes them so successful. Screw it all. Yes, you’ve read that right. Screw it!

The best 2 secrets to a successful YOU is BEING YOU UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Furthermore get up earlier! Yup! Get your sexy amazing booty out of that bed, off the couch and use those early peaceful uninterrupted morning hours to get SH* done – in an inspired way – DO IT! IMPLEMENT IT! Just by wishing, manifesting alone, writing (grateful) journals – NO ONE ever reached higher levels. PROMISED.

So, here comes the confession – I have been one of you – working long hours, feeling like a hamster in a wheel – constantly in action, manifesting like crazy, SIMPLY Overwhelmed and close to burnout.

What did I do to change all of that?

  1. A LONG nice REST – no work, just play for 8 (!!) weeks.
  2. Just being still and listening and watching me – clarity struck big time.

So what became clear? And I’m sure some of you will recognize yourselves in this:

  • I was there for EVERYBODY BUT ME
  • I created programs and content of what I thought my clients need. NEVER asked THEM thoroughly to find out.
  • I NEGLECTED myself
  • I DENIED help
  • I had NO STRATEGIES in place – not really
  • I COMPARED myself – 1st step to failure and frustration
  • I felt I WAS WASTING my time. And I DID.

Feeling like this resonates with you, even just bits of it? Then read on.

NOW, fast forward a few months and I AM ME and USE MY TIME wisely and the results start showing!

I wake up at 5:30 am (eeeek – early, I know) to be simply thankful for being alive, having healthy kids, food on the table – you get the picture. Then I brain-dump all that is going on up there. Visualize for a few minutes my goal for the month, my life in a year or something along that line and then I sit still and ponder on the question: WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE MY GOALS AND DREAMS REALITY? – Believe it or not: I GET answers!

From my inner voice (and we all have one! I call it God, some call it Universe and some simply call it Subconscious Mind! All true!) I write that out and the one I feel most excited about, the one I CANNOT WAIT TO GET STARTED WITH, I do as MY NO.1 Priority for the day.

WIN-WIN: I feel amazing having a clear guideline to my day that brings me closer to my dream. GUARANTEED.
I have time to shape up (and believe me this post-preggo body needs some SERIOUS work) after dropping the kids to school.

I feel amazing having downloaded ALL of my HEADSHUGAR. My kids, hubby and everybody dealing with me love it – as I am my fecking awesome self!

My bank account starts to be happy to – seeing some numbers rolling IN. My productivity is spiraling up, I’m energized to get Shugar Done!

Now don’t get me wrong, the struggle is REAL, ever-present my friends. There are some days when the alarm gets off and I hit the OFF button and turn around.

I get it. I am not by nature an early riser. It is HARD.

Here come a few rock solid steps to help you rise early and make your day more productive and you become unstoppable:

1. Do NOT hit the Snooze Button

Kind of obvious, isn’t it? Do those extra few minutes really make you feel more rested?
– NO! It is simply not a good quality rest as you have not enough time to glide into deep sleep phase.
Get out of bed when the alarm goes off. Put your alarm clock out of reach if need be to get you up.

2. Drink Water

There is a solid evidence on the benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning. Getting your digestion system fired up for the day tells all your other systems (including your brain) that it is time to wake up sleepy head!

3. Get Moving

Once you’re out of bed, a great way to feel more alert is getting your blood pumping. Either do push-ups or try the half sun salutation. With the latter, you put your head below your heart, which allows for gravity-induced blood flow to your brain. No need to be a Yogi or flexible. I’m neither (yet). Or simply breathe DEEPLY in and out for 4-5 times and just focus on your breathing. Also, works and has the same effect.

4. Plan Ahead

My routine looks more or less the same each day. Routines or Habits are great as they take decision-making out of the equation. That alone gives you more energy. Yes, willpower and decision-making are finite resources and cost YOU energy. If your morning goals require different tasks each morning, plan ahead – best the night before and then STICK TO THE PLAN. Do not WASTE YOUR ENERGY or TIME trying to make decisions. Some of my peeps sleep in their workout clothes. When the alarms goes off, they put on their sneakers in front of the bed and stumble out the door for their round of exercise. Seriously.

5. Go to Bed early enough with consistency

It makes a huge difference when you know you wake up early the next day, to give your body and your brain a chance to relax before settling into bed. Our bodies crave routine. So give your body what it craves for – the quality of your rest will be so much better. Limit screen time in the evening. Yep, you’ve read right – NO TV, NO FACEBOOK; NO INSTAGRAM. Read a book, talk to your spouse, or play a card game. This way you allow yourself to get sleepy naturally and your brain needs this time to “shut-off”.

So, make use of those early morning hours and just SHINE during the day. Let me know, how you go on with this, what your new morning routine looks like and what a difference it makes for you.

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