"When we decided to close our office and go to a more virtual solution, Konnie helped us organize and condense almost 70 years of documents, memorabilia, and files in record time.  We were amazed at how quickly she had us organized - decades worth of detritus was sorted in a few days.  10 years of financial documents were stored in just a few well organized binders. Photos and memorabilia were pared down to one box ready for scanning. The same results  would have taken us months of work.  She is fantastic!"

K. Brown

AWG Paris

"Konnie helped our family organize years of old photos into albums and boxes that could be stored, viewed and shared in a useful way. The ability to acces these memories is so much easier now and it wouldn't have been possible without Konnie's organizing skills."

J. Rodriguez

"I attended an event that Konnie was in charge of organizing and it was a huge success! You could tell how much thought and detail went into every aspect of the event. With over 250 people in attendance, there was a lot to organize and I was impressed with the job she did to create such a wonderful day."


"My bathroom was a complete mess, but after having Konnie help me purge and contain my stuff it is a totally different space. It is so much easier to keep up with all my bathroom essentials since she organized it. I am so glad I had Konnie help me tackle the chaos."

Hayley G.

Before and after at the AWG