Hello lovely gorgeous ladies and gents,

I’ve just returned from an amazing event that inspired and taught how to live on an extraordinary level in life and business! And My Lord, I had quite a few AHA moments. I’ve promised myself and all of those amazing wonderful new and old friends to stay in my extraordinary and OWN it. Yup, not the TV-Network of one of my role-models, but this thing where you know, love, and stand up for yourself in all aspects (weak and strong) and be authentic with yourself and others – NO MATTER WHAT.

These coming lines will be a little different. I will share ME and give you an update on what’s been happening and will happen in the next coming weeks and months. I’ve warned you. It’s ok when you decided to leave here. I’m loving you nevertheless. When you continue, Thank you for taking the time to read. That means a lot to me.

For the longest time in my life, I have not OWNED me, I didn’t even know how to spell that word. Because in the true sense I didn’t know who I was. From an early age on I became amazing in adapting me to the person I thought would be more liked by the others, more invited to play with by her peers, or being more proud of by my mother especially.

I think it already started when I was born, premature, tiny and so physically sick. I loved life and fought my way back to health. I spent probably more time in the hospital then with my parents in my first year of life – and maybe that’s why I so dislike hospitals, even giving birth to my beautiful children.

My first six years of life I always felt somehow disconnected from same-aged peers. I felt different. I couldn’t truly bond with them. To this day I don’t know why. It doesn’t matter really. I grew up with adults. I grew up reading books beyond my age. I felt there must be so much more. I had BIG dreams and lots of phantasy. In school I was a total outsider, no one wanted to play or hang with me, actually often I was physically and certainly emotionally abused. I wasn’t allowed to participate in sports (I’m actually thankful to my orthopedist to this day for this….getting up a gymboree is not my definition of fun *lol*), was the smallest kid in class, the one with no “western” clothes on (having grown up in the Eastern part of Berlin), and boy was I ashamed of myself. I thought there must be something wrong with me. I couldn’t share my school-days and treatment with anybody, I was too ashamed and too hurt and I thought, it was all my fault. Instead I thought, if I’m bringing home all A’s, then my peers will like me, and invite me to birthday parties and play-dates. Partially they liked me more, but only to copy homework. During this time I learned survival skills, adapting myself, shutting off emotionally, cutting that connection to myself. And I dreamed BIG, I wanted to save people’s hearts as a cardiologist…the best in the world and I dreamt this in all colors for hours and days. That brought me through. That strengthened my creativity. Well, long story short, I survived my school time. All my life I looked for approval, recognition outside of myself and never even came close to it working out well.

Yes, physically for most parts of my life, my space looked organized and orderly. Besides when the emotions erupted as a teenager and threw around my records while having Beethoven 9th symphonie on LOUD, because I didn’t know where else to go with them. Or when I had loaded my life so much with achievement and studies that there was simply no time (or energy) left, to put all those papers and books away properly and throwing them on piles in my study worked best – so much so, that I avoided entering it. Or when we moved to Paris, France and the moving company had put things everywhere, just not where it belonged and I simply was running out of steam to correct it so it would really work for us. Or when I started my business and my business started growing and I was working, working, working with clients full of fear, if I wouldn’t my business would go down and full of lack of systems that would support me.

I survived all of it, parts I even enjoyed. And mostly I wasn’t even aware of what I’ve lost, what I’ve denied myself, how unmatched I really was with my true self until there came one day in June 2017 when I could NOT TAKE IT ONE MORE DAY!!!

All this feeling sorry for me, feeling worthless, putting myself down, not knowing who I was or not daring to acknowledge who I really was, and this constant mind chatter simply had to stop or I go mad. I had days then when I thought my family would be better of without me. THANK GOODNESS I chose a different solution. I took an NLP class with my business coach, my two beautiful babies in tow, and changed my mind, opened my mind, connected to my mind and higher self. It was indescribably what went on in my emotions, my mind, my body, my life at this time and in the following weeks and months. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to my business coach LENKA LUTONSKA for believing in me and my potential, my higher self, when I didn’t. For holding this safe space to be and discover who I really was, for having breakthroughs and breakdowns. To me she is not only my coach, but she became my friend. I have so much love for this woman. THANK YOU.

Why Am I sharing this with you, you wonder?

Well, my life today is so different. I want to inspire you, that yours can be too. You don’t have to take an NLP class. Simply that one tiny step forward, where you don’t know where it will take you, will be enough. Just one tiny step can open a whole new amazing world and stop the madness in your mind, heart or space.

Today I feel free, I love myself more and more each day, I’m SO blessed with wonderful extraordinary friends and entrepreneurs in my life, who cheer me on, inspire me to be the best version of myself every single day, I put myself first and write self-care much bigger, I discover every day more of what my highest best version of myself really LOVES, totally DISLIKES and everything in between and I’M looking for APPROVAL mostly in myself through connecting to God within me and being still and listen. It is amazing what can happen.

Keys to Success – Concept on Golden Keychain over Black Wooden Background. Closeup View, Selective Focus, 3D Render. Toned Image.

What does it mean for my business?
  • I will continue working in Packages.
  • I will offer Organizing services 1-2-1 for a price that reflects more the value you are receiving – Actually you’ll receive 10 times the value you pay – Organizing with me your space, mind and emotions is life-changing forever!
  • I will offer Coaching 1-2-1 and VIP Intensives to release the junk in your heart, mind and space and give you clarity and freedom what your deepest desires really are and creating a plan how you successfully make them come true and live them (and we will see that plan through).
  • I will call out my clients on their excuses, BS and expect the highest form of commitment, and readiness to change (as fearful and uncertain that may feel at times – believe me it is so worth it!)
  • I want to serve a minimum of 500 clients in 2018 and give them their desired life and business.
What does it mean for my life?
  • Sundays are reserved for my family and friends only.
  • I am present in the moment.
  • My self-care time (I call it Powerhour.) is my daily MUST.
  • I take care of my body by walking, jogging and exercising – strengthening it to the shape it should be in.
  • I’m eating healthy.
  • I love my friendships with my friends who support me in any way.
  • I cherish my beautiful babies and magical dates with my hubby that I will have EVERY WEEK.
  • I make sure I get enough sleep.
  • I’m connecting with people and let them see my real me, right from the start.

I have so much LOVE for all of you my wonderful readers and clients and want to tell you: I know what you’re going through. I’m here for you. I LOVE to get  to know you on a real personal level! Do you? Then please send me a short message or simply check my Princess ( my electronic calendar) for your Coffee chat and book our date. I simply CAN’T WAIT to meet you – real, authentic, extraordinary! Because you ARE!

Thank you for reading so far. This means everything to me, you’ll probably never know. So one last question: What makes you extraordinary? When will you start your journey to claim your desires? What are your desires? It would be wonderful, when you can share this with me. I’m thrilled to know this about you and help you on from a place of deepest love.

Thank you again.

With so much love and sparkles for you,

Your Konnie

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention – I’m now not only a Certified Professional Organizer, but also a Certified NLP-Mindset Coach *YEAH*