Are you reading this and wondering what I am talking about?

Are you secretly ooooh-ing over the amazing magazine pictures of those dream bathrooms and thinking to yourself: “That is amazing, I wish I had one like those, but my apartment is rented, too old, too small of a space, etc.?”

First of all, you are not alone! Almost 90 percent of the bathrooms are poor potty rooms. Really. Seriously. The bathroom is the most overlooked room when it comes to organizing-declutter-creating beautiful spaces. I wonder why is this?

Do you or your head not deserve respect? Does your bathroom not deserve some beauty and care? Look past those cold tiles and add some color, air freshener and order and you’ll discover a warm little centre of your home just waiting to emerge and give you energy, care and rejuvenating times.

Oh, don’t forget that those make-up corners are just as receptive to clutter (if not more) as kitchen, garages, closets.


Let’s first talk about those counters or shelvings that cannot be seen because of all that clutter, totally in the way as you get ready in the morning. What is all that crap?

Try to keep horizontal surfaces as clean and clear as possible. Stash anything you do not use daily in drawers or cupboards. Leave those precious horizontal surfaces, if you must, to beauty items you use daily.

You always want to store the items closest to the point where you use them – let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than falling all over the bathroom with your pants around the ankles after realizing a tid-bit-too-late that the toilet paper is empty. Your curling iron, hairdryer and brushes go next to the mirror, where you do your hair. Towels in a shelving or box next to the tub or shower. Do you read magazines on the loo? Well then, stash them in a magazine holder or box next to the loo.

And don’t waste space by overloading on your favourite shampoo, because you fear you run out, or don’t overdo your Costco-love and stock on those oversized containers when you do not use them up quickly – If you really need to, then keep those 3-liter (or gallon) shampoo refill bottles stored somewhere else (ideally hidden on a shelf in your chemical- / or laundry corner).


This can be a tough one, especially with small Parisian bathrooms, as romantic as they may seem in movies. Living there in reality with a family calls for creative actions.

Drawer dividers are a great way to order your make-up items (eyeliner, lipstick).

Are you cursed with deep pull outs? Then try using sectional trays that you can stack in various ways. They are designed especially for taking advantage in vertical spaces.

Have many earrings, jewellery etc.? You can either use a jewellery box or I love my jewellery pouch that I hang on an over-the-door hook and I see all my blinkies there. I actually put my bling-bling on in my bedroom, so I have that there. You can get those over-the-door hangers at IKEA, Containerstore, Dollar-Tree, Pottery Barn – everywhere really and don’t have to spend a fortune one them.

Are you having those gaping under-sink cabinets or open linen closet shelves? Use baskets and tubs to group like items together – for example, hair-care products, medicine, soaps.

For those sensitive items that shouldn’t be in contact with much dust, but rather your skin, like cotton balls, g-tips or makeup sponges, those see-through jars are great.


As I mentioned before, the loo is one of the most important rooms in the house, but also one of the most frequented ones. Staying on top of that sanitation job can be a full-time job – UNLESS you have a system.

Start with a little prevention: wipe up spills and splats as soon as they happen (before toothpaste, hairspray or even poo dries up to a substance that you only can remove with a hammer).

Giving the mirrors and counters a quick wipe or the glass door of the shower a quick cleaning makes the deep-cleaning later on easier. Storing supplies in a bucket under the sink is also a surprisingly BIG time saver.


Don’t forget about organizing your other toilet rooms you have (or half-baths). Fill them with a little basket full of soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and other items your visitors need. It is a nice courtesy. It is also a great way to get rid of those miniature products your partner brings along from those business trips (because for some reason, I don’t know why it’s a lot of men who bring those miniature things home.)

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