Paper Magic Day

It is #PaperMagic Sunday again (well due to technical difficulties it is Monday this time.):

Are you feeling overwhelmed at times because of your overflowing inboxes (spam or junk included)? I totally get you. You never read all those articles and best-practises that XYZ send you and never watch all those free webinar-offers that by magic make it into your home or mailbox. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried during my college time and early career to do just that – failed plus I realized how much precious time and space I’ve wasted! MY time! MY space! No more!

There is help and a solution! First of all, it’s just like with any major change in your life – don’t expect change overnight. BUT 2016 is YOUR year to reduce clutter by 50 %!! Just set up a free account with to be removed from direct marketing mailing lists. You will see results within a few weeks time.
Secondly just throw all catalogues etc. that come into your house the traditional way (by paper mail) right where they belong: into YOUR trashbag!

That has another plus: All this saved time you can use now by investing in YOU! Buy your favourite magazine, cup of tea or coffee and RELAX! Yes absolutely! You deserve it!

Very passionate about Taking Time for Yourselfes First, is my friend Rima Nouri. Just check out her Facebook group : My Time First.

How do your conquer Junk mail in your house? What are your best practises? Did you find my advice helpful? If so I would love getting to know you better! Just join my Organizing Love Letter and I’ll let you in some more Spring Decluttering Secrets plus an exclusive surprise only for my Letter-tribe! What are you waiting for?

Warmest Wishes,

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