Every once in awhile we all fall short on our productivity.

We procrastinate every second we can, and that’s usually what puts us off our deadline or leaves us with a yard-long to-do list at the end of the day.

For you, and me that is super frustrating and after awhile lots of people simply resign and think of themselves as “not productive, not organized, not made for this”. For a company, that can be disastrous and lead to big bucks spent on nothing.

However, it is important to understand that productivity can’t be maintained 24/7, no matter what you do.

Your brain can only take so much, and sooner or later, you will have to let it rest for a bit in order for your productivity to go up again.

Truth be told, often you simply don’t know, what to do to get unstuck in your productivity and scheduling. Is that you?

Well, you came to the right place, I’ll give you some tips that will come handy to skyrocket your productivity and help you to more balance in your day.

1. Choose the Right Time

Nearly everyone has times of the day when they are most effective and times when they just drag along. It is smart to schedule the most critical tasks for your most effective time(s) of the day. For instance, for me it is in the morning and in the evening I’m

For instance, for me, it is in the morning and in the evening that I’m sparking with creativity and inspiration. When is it for you?

2. Toss It

If a task doesn’t really need to be done, just get rid of it altogether. That simple.

3. Get the Bad Stuff Out of The Way

Or as I like to say, Eat the frog first. What does it mean? Do the unpleasant stuff quickly and as early in the day as possible. Once you accomplished that it will give your motivation an immense boost.

4. Set a Goal Each Day

In the morning, decide what you want to accomplish that day. Let God inspire you. This can be even more effective when planned the night before. Once you have a sense of direction, you can spend all your time getting Sh* done!

5. Eliminate All Communication

While you’re working, turn off the phone/cell phone, and DON’T check your email. Hang a sign on your door or forehead that says “Do not disturb”, if necessary. You don’t have to do this for all your tasks, but at least do it for your more difficult, froggy items. You get done so much faster, as you can focus so much better.

6. Batch Similar Tasks Together

Do ALL your Emailing at one time. Make ALL your phone calls at another. Open your snail mail during a set block of time. You will waste less time by doing your work in this fashion. And that means, you with your partner. That’s all worth it, isn’t it?

7. Set A Timer

Even if a task might take hours, like writing a sales page, or reorganizing your wardrobe, or packing for holidays, starting will seem easier, if you simply give yourself 30 minutes to get as much done as you can. A time limit seems to help many people focus better and get more and in a better quality done from the task at hand.

8. Set Targets

For example, if you want to make cold-calls for your Sales job, then tell yourself that you are not getting up for ANY reason UNTIL you’ve made at least 10, 50 or even 100 calls. Regardless of what happens, refuse to stop until you hit your target. You get the point, don’t you?

9. Use the Pareto Principle

This principle states the 20 % of the actions you could take will provide you with 80 % of the benefits.
So focus on the tasks that will accomplish the most.

Often, these are the tasks that make us feel uncomfortable, take us out of our comfort zone. And you know what, that is actually GREAT – it is proof that you or your business is UPLEVELLING BIG time!
You might be surprised how little you really need to do if you focus on the critical 20 %.

10. Delegate Some of Your Work

That was a big eye-opener for me! For the longest time, I did ALL (or A LOT) by myself. But Why? The moment I allowed myself that getting support or help is okay, it took a lot of pressure from my mind and gave me back some freedom, space of mind, energy and time that I could focus on more important tasks at hand

So, is there anyone who can help you? The people around you are your resources! When appropriate, use their time and talent wisely to get things done more quickly.

11. Set A Deadline

Having a specific endpoint will really help you to focus your time and energy. If a task doesn’t feel necessary, chances are things won’t get done.

12. Increase Your Quality and Focus

It sounds silly, but this can really help. Try doing everything more focused and in the highest ways possible. This will automatically speed up your typing, writing and will make your really efficient in handling your time as well and really easily.

Those 12 points can potentially skyrocket your productivity, and put you on track in your business and life. Stress won’t solve your time and productivity problems, optimizing to increase your productivity will.

Let me know which of the 12 points you will implement in your life and business and what you experience with it. I love to hear from my readers and tribe.

With much love,