The largest and most used piece of furniture in the office will likely be your desk. So place and rearrange that first. It is nice to not have your back to the door of the room. It’s not imperative, but if you can avoid it, please do.

Do you have back-issues or other health issues? Then it is smart to make the investment into an height-adjustable desk. One of my favourite and a very good quality on top are Uplift Desks ( You should have a comfortable chair with adequate back and wrist support, and one that adjusts up and down – particularly if you plan to spend lots of hours at your desk.

If you have room and use a credenza or a file cabinet, and are in and out of your office often throughout the day, then it’s probably a great idea to keep the file cabinet nearby.

If you are a kinesthetic learner though, you want to create lots of ways in your office though, as it keeps your brain engaged and in connection with your muscles and body.

As a general rule keep like with like and have short ways.


Likewise, if there’s room, have some shelving also. If there’s little floor space for freestanding shelving units, consider wall-mounted shelving. For storing reference books and office supplies as well as displaying personal items, adequate shelving is crucial.


Make sure you have enough electrical outlets and telephone jacks for all your needed equipment. Make sure you have power-surge protectors as well.

For space-saving reasons alone (and reducing heat-producing sources), I suggest a multifunctional printer whenever possible. If color is not important to you in printing, then I always suggest black-and-white laser machines. They are more cost-effective and faster.

The only suggestion I’m making about computers are to get the largest highest resolution monitor you can afford and to max out the RAM on your CPU or laptop. Unless you’re playing a lot of games or editing video, some minor variations on processor speed will probably not be that noticeable. But inadequate RAM will slow you down and frustrate you again and again. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish in this instance.


The right lighting is key. You’ll want a desk lamp for task lighting, and secondary lamps and/or overhead lighting fixtures for general lighting. The guideline for good lighting is that there should be enough light available anywhere someone might be sitting and reading.


Some words on color and your office. Fact is the environment you work in have incredible effect on your energy, creativity and focus – but let’s be real, you don’t have time to read textbooks  on color psychology. So I did the work for you and give you the best tips on colors that will definitely promote a productive office space:

  1. SIMPLY WHITE – It’s bright, serene, and fresh without feeling too stark. Not only does a bright white space allow you to begin each day with a clean slate and a clear mind, but it also affords you the ability to switch out little details as your taste (or the seasons) shift, providing a brand new space with little effort each and every time. It’s a color that often my creative clients prefer.
  2. SIMPLY SEPIA (RAL8022, RAL COLOR CHART) – This dark bold color in the Eurolux matte finish makes a powerful statement. Its sepia tones are eye-catching while at the same time, understated, creating the perfect corporate aesthetic.
  3. SIMPLY VIOLET (CHARMED VIOLET, BENJAMIN MOORE) – This color will effect your mood, makes you happy, confident and will give your office a positive and confident vibe.
  4. SIMPLY BLUE-GREY (BLUE ECHO, BENJAMIN MOORE) – I personally believe life should be lived in color and office space is no exception for me. This rich blue has subtle tones of gray and works for every square inch of the room when you vary the sheen – walls, trim, bookcases, you name it. It provides a pleasant environment to inspire creative minds.
  5. SIMPLY SHADED WHITE (FARROW AND BALL) – I’ve used this shade (white with a slight touch of red) to decorate masculine offices (with lots of black) and also used it for very feminine offices with of pretty reds and blues. It’s a neutral…but a neutral with personality!

OVERALL for the wall color – stay in the neutral palate – whites, grayes, blue/grays and then gives accents through the color of your furniture, your shelving, wall decoration etc. Red is a powerful color that I love, but NEVER paint an office wall with it, it literally drives you up the wall!! Having a Quote in red lettering on a white or gray wall instead gives the office space a positive, motivating touch though.

Client-friendly space 

This is the last and not least point in setting up your office for Success.

If you see clients in your office, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance for your workspace. Food wrappers, dirty dishes, leftovers do not belong here when you’re open for business. It’s also important to be able to easily put your hands on any files that belong to the client when visiting, or any forms you may need for your work together.

This only reinforces the imperatives that you must develop a filing system that is easy to use and easy to maintain – and that you do in fact use it. You will learn the most important steps to setting mailing systems and filing systems up in my next blog-posts.

How does your office space look like? Do you want to improve it? Need help or a tip? Simply book a 20 min chat with me and I’m happy to help you on.

With much Love and Sparkles,