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Does your workplace stress you out? I’m not talking about everyday tasks, projects or deadlines, but rather physical environment.  Is it your messy desk? Or are your collegues too loud? Perhaps your boss is always looking over your shoulder, the dated technology gives your goose-bumps or you the florescent lights give you a headache. Whatever the reason , there’s a good chance it’s affecting your attitude and performance.

Studies show that among many other factors disorganization is a huge contributor to that stress.
Our productivity is impacted by our level of organization. It bothers most people and causes stress. The disorganization drags many workers down. Clutter is likely slowing down your mental energy and making it more difficult to function.
One way to create your stress-free work environment:

  1. Keep your workspace clean and organized. For many people, it’s difficult to focus when their desk is filled with papers, phone messages, business cards, magazines and newsletters, especially when the layers are inches high. The same happens when your email box is overflowing with thousands of unread emails. You are probably familiar with that thought “What have I forgotten to do? Will it come back to haunt me?” A complete filing system and storage space can help you to organize your office in such a way where everything is in place and reach for work.
  2. Add personal touches. It might help to add personal items to your desk, cubicle or office that have some special meaning to you to help create a stressfree workspace. These could be photographs, inspiring quotes or graphics, books, a decorative accessory or even a special lamp or candle in your favourite scent or color.
  3. Adapt to changes. Does change make you anxious? A lot of turnover, physical changes (office layouts), and new software or technologies (printers, computers) is becoming a normal state in many businesses. You will have to learn to adapt quickly.
  4. Learn to handle or ignore interruptions. Maybe you have a colleague who constantly stops by your desk to chat, the phone is ringing constantly, the elevator is noisy, or even the large windows at your office can be everyday distractions. If you make an effort to learn how to properly handle these interruptions or ignore distractions in the workplace, you could signifcantly decrease your level of stress!
  5. Add plants to your desk, office or cubicle. It not only beautifies your work environment but has been a proven strategy to reduce absenteeism, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase positive feelings, lower noise levels decrease room temperature and lower humidity. Stress-free desk with plants
  6. Incorporate relaxtion exercises into your work day. If you are allowed and it does not distract anyone around you, play soft music, put in a relaxing yoga or pilates exercise, or even sign-up for yoga or health club that your employer’s health program offers. You won’t be able to get rid of everything that stresses you at work – but you CAN implement relaxation exercises when you are feeling tense.
  7. Be a good communicator. Are you feeling stressed by your co-worker who talks to loud on the phone? Or do you feel annoyed because your boss always looks over your shoulder? Your Co-workers do not communicate well? Figure out an effective way of communicating your frustrations or concerns. First if they know their actions are causing you stress, they might be willing to make changes. Secondly your improved communication ( by asking questions or making suggestions) will reduce overall confusion (and therefore, stress) and that has an instant increasing effect on everybody’s productivity.
  8. Redecorate. You may not even be aware of it that things like lightning, colors and decor are causing you stress ~ that a good possibility! Try playing around with a new wall color (if you have influence on that). Try neutral colors. They tend to have calming effects. Yellow colors promote intellectual activity. Blue and green tones are more restful while earth tones encourage warmth. Try warmer lightning, invest in a decent chair, an ergonomically correct desk, and glare screens. In short: Protect your best asset – YOU!
  9. Change the layout of your office. Using old Asian art of placement, for example Feng Shui, may inspire you to place your desk area in the command position so that you can see all who enter. You are working in a cubicle or big-room-office, then try placing a small mirror where you can see the entrance to your space behind or around you. You are performing different tasks? Then an L-shaped desk or table work best for you, as well as swivel chairs.Infographic Set Up Your Desk for Success

I am an absolute proponent of implementing and championing improvements whenever you can, yet I also encourage my clients to know when to extract themselves from a toxic environment. If you aren’t realistically able to improve continuously stressful environment, it’s probably time to explore new opportunities and your market value.

Did my post help you to a more stress-free office and work-attitude? What are your ways to de-stress at work? I’m always looking forward hearing back from my readers. So please comment below or write me a personal email.

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