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Hello Simply Amazing Ladies (and Gents),

By now it is almost mid January 2017 and most of us did not get very far with our resolutions or feel some steam leaving our system. We still look for something else to fill this void. We still feel something is missing. But what?

Remember: “The best is yet to come. 2017 I am ready”

From my own time of stillness over the holidays I listened to the anwers from the Universe to the following two questions. I’ll share them with you as they may inspire your own 2017 and life:

  • What change(s) am I supposed to embrace in 2017?
  • More a reminder: In what ways can I orient my life, refocus my heart & life to the Universe?

When listening and being still with the Universe that’s the ONLY way to live a life to forgive, heal and love allowing each person to flourish and be who we were created to be.

I often hear: How do I do that? Where do I start? I feel so overwhelmed?

Overwhelm is something we all know from writers or creative people, but also many people feel overwhelmed in their homes and office-spaces…the blockage where nothing seems to work. Our imaginations can create pretty spectacular things, but sometimes our brains and hands just. WILL. NOT. COOPERATE. Which is why it’s so important to remember that getting started with your resolution – be it weight loss or getting organizing, changing your life – is just that – it’s Step 1. Step 1 never looks like Step 1000.

It is important to not lose sight of your long-term goals – to remember where it is you want to go and why you want to go there in the first place – sometimes the view can cloud the short view. How on earth can you ever take that first step, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by starring at the peak and the length of the path?

Feeling overwhelmed is nothing but a rush of fear and resistance to getting started.  So narrow your focus. Put those blinders on and focus on nothing more but that first tiny step. Don’t think about this big goal; don’t worry about what’s next. Just DO the FIRST SMALL thing you feel inspired to do to transition into your task. It is not “write down the organizing systems “, or “clean my desk”, or “clean my bedroom”. The first step is the smallest possible building block of a task – the very first action you must take to get started. Here come some examples:

  • Turn off the TV. Pull out your knitting needles.
  • Disconnect your wifi and open a Word document. Write one sentence.
  • Put on some positive music (up-beat, I LOVE the 60ies, discobeats of the 70ies, Thriller…) and
  • Go to the trashbin and take it out of the house and take a (brisk) walk to clear your mind.

A lot of the time, the very small first step is about creating time and space and quiet. Once you’re in that distraction free zone, and your organizing work is the only activity available to you, you’ll flow more naturally into starting it. And when your creativity is flowing, your find that your best, most meaningful organizing task is also your most enjoyable task.

So today, I wrote more about how I can help you to get “Simply Organized, Simply Free” and that is you can accomplish that in just 4 short weeks.


What is your favourite way to get into organizing action and refocus on your resolution? Hit reply and let me know!

With Love,


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