If you work in an office job (like me for almost 18 years) or run your own business (like me in the past few years), you spend an average of 8 hours per day on your desk. That is a total of 1.920 hours a year.

You would expect your desk to be a hub of performance and efficiency, wouldn’t you? For many people, that is simply not the case. By making a few simple changes, you can increase your performance, make your work life A LOT easier, and win those extra clients and make more money. (And who wouldn’t like to have a little bit of extra cash in their pocket?)

There are 8 steps to skyrocket your performance:

1. Clean desk

A clean desk is the number one in having successful business because it saves so much time when you know where things are, it gives you energy, time, even when you work with people it’s much easier to work on projects, as it’s a no brainer for people, where to find their things. A clean desk increases performance, time and energy. Period.

2. Tick Tock 

Quite unknown, yet true: A clock or a cell phone clock is one of the most distracting objects you can have on your desk! Why is that?

Looking at it, you’ll easily be thinking: “30 minutes are gone and I haven’t really gotten anywhere” or “I have only 30 more minutes to get this done”. – It triggers thoughts of overwhelm and multitasking! Both things are not supporting quality, focus and a good performance.

Instead, try setting an alarm to notify you about tasks – a method in time management, it’s called Pomodoro technique, and you can tweak it to your liking and needs.

For example, you can set your alarm for an hour, turn off all your notifications on your computer AND cell phone, keeping you really focused working on this one thing that you’re working on right now. And that’s it. Your alarm reminds you that your one hour up and then you go onto a next task. Studies prove, all over again that this is the most effective way to work successfully and get shit done in your day.

3. Picture Perfect or Love Brightens Your Day

It’s proven that looking at something you love helps you de-stress. So even though your desk should be clutter free, it doesn’t have to be clinical. A picture of your loved-ones or a souvenir from your absolute favourite trip or person can go a looong way.

4. Mother Nature

Did you know that plants or flowers increase your performance and cognitive attention? Therefore boost your focus and creativity?

They do. Plants filter the air around your desk removing bacteria and mould, so you will be healthy and productive. Put that orchid (my favourite) on your desk.

5. Drink Right

Especially during the warmer times, have that water jug on your desk with fresh lemon-water in it. What does it do? It boosts your energy because it boosts your metabolism and with more energy, you’re also more creative, you get more done, you feel more inspired and are ready to take the world out of its roots.

6. Perfect Posture

The right chair is key to having a proper posture at your desk. All of you with back-problems know what I’m talking about. So invest into that specialized chair, inflatable exercise ball or opt in for a standing desk.

7. Skip the Sugar Rush

I’ve personally always had issues with Type 2 diabetes. It’s in my family, so I was always aware of it and I had diabetes during pregnancy. My chances to get Diabetes Type 2 are quite high. I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to sugar and what it does to your body.

Sugar really goes into your pancreas and produces a lot of insulin, so no matter if it’s chocolate, or bread, or pasta or rice (white flour or white rice) it all does the same thing to your body.

It’s all sugar to your body, and your insulin goes up like crazy like in an exponential curve. But what also happens it also goes down like an exponential curve. That is when it becomes stressful for your body. In those times, you are usually feeling tired, feel like you could take a nap. Your thoughts are not exactly creative, productive or focused. That’s why you should avoid eating sugar.

Instead eat proteins or high proteins foods, they keep the sugar level and therefore the insulin level, on pretty much the same level. Healthy options include almonds, fruit, plain Greek yoghurt, and hummus with vegetables.

8. Move around

 And finally, but not lastly, sitting for a prolonged period of time is not only bad for your health but it is also bad for your concentration and productivity.   I’m not talking about jogging, although you can do that. I’m talking about having little breaks, do a walk.

Keep in mind that you can’t be productive, focused and creative 24/7. That is not how we are set up. That’s why also taking breaks throughout the day, be it shorter or longer, is the best thing you can do.

These are the steps that you can take to bring your desk to success.

Are you going to implement any of these steps? Do you already implement some of these in your everyday work? Let me know in the comments below.

With much love,