The kitchen is the heart of the household – warm, welcoming, the place where most people end up gathering at a party, in short: the place of all nourishment.

In most houses it is also the most use places in the entire home – so when this room is not functioning properly, then the rest of life gets mucked up alongside it.

And in most homes, this is the place where meal preparation takes place.  To cook healthy meals without much effort, with lots of fun and ease, some things are just a must.

Where to store what

You want to store food stuff closest to the point where they’re used:

  • Pots and pans by the stove
  • Glassware and china above the dishwasher (or in lack of valuable kitchen storage near the dining table)
  • Cleaning products and kitchen towels near the sink
  • Seasonings next to the stove (when you are on the shorter side like me, then literally next to the stove, while when you’re taller you can also store in the hanging cabinets).

But also keep in mind frequency of use. The only items sitting out on your counters should be those that get touched on a daily or weekly basis – like the kitchen knife block, the coffee machine or the kettle.

If you find a bunch of junk covered in dust cluttering up your horizontal surfaces it is time for a change!

Your Pantry

Don’t forget about decluttering your pantry!

Most “must-haves” get gross after 6-12 months, and canned goods can last for maybe 2 years before they start to turn (and yes I’ve seen many of them in my organizing career).

The best way to avoid having so much that it goes bad is to only buy what you need.

Clip a pad of paper to the fridge or have it on your coffee machine or next to the fridge so that you can keep a running tab as you plan meals or run out of essentials.

Then when you head to the grocery store, organize your shopping list and coupons in the order that the aisles are laid out to save time (normally the dairy and meat are in the middle while it starts with junk food or produce and finally the canned goods or speciality section.

Was this article helpful for you?

Get ready to use it, and conquer your pantry and kitchen to make meal planning easier – especially now – It’s SPRING CLEANING time!

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To healthy meal- cooking,  fun spring cleaning,