The kitchen is the heart of the household – warm, welcoming, the place where most people end up gathering at a party, in short: the place of all nourishment.

In most houses it is also the most use places in the entire home – so when this room is not functioning properly, then the rest of life gets mucked up alongside it.

In my experience far too many people allow their health to suffer because of culinary disorganization.

Let’s face it, you can’t cook up a proper meal, when you have no space to work on, when your counters are covered in crap, or when you cannot find your ingredients.

Let’s get your Peking Ducks in a row.

Let’s start with the basics

The layout is one of the most important things when it comes to creating gastronomic order. I have helped and organized quite a few relocating families and I saw some major pits that made almost all organizing ideas impossible because of its poor layout. Your floor-plan can literally make or break all your good organizing intentions and efforts.

Any kitchen is most efficiently set up in a triangle – nothing blocking the flow from movement from stove to the refrigerator to sink.

Dividing your kitchen into distinct centres for cooking, cleaning, food preparation, serving and storage (and keeping everything you need for that activity In that station) is another major step in an ergonomically-correct direction.

Creating Order

Cookware, utensils, small appliances, and consumables should all be stored like-with-like. Group your pantry by category for easy access – canned goods, beverages, dried bulk items, baking supplies, breakfast foods etc. (I hope, you get the picture.)

Keep small packets of seasoning together in baskets or bins. In my house, this is how I store vanilla sugar, my opened grains and spice-bags.

If you have a special set of china and store it in your kitchen, then separate everyday dishes from your dishes for special occasions.

Organizing your spices alphabetically, labelling them or using magnetic see-through containers (I use the ones from Fackelmann) make cooking much easier. It also avoids that you or someone in your house dumps garlic into a dish that actually calls for cinnamon.

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