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Conquering Your Kitchen – Ending Your Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is the heart of the household - warm, welcoming, the place where most people end up gathering at a party, in short: the place of all nourishment. In most houses it is also the most use places in the entire home – so when this room is not functioning...

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Regaining Control Over Paper (and Your Office Too)

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to need a functional office that lets your creativity spark and productivity rise. Every human being has at least a few administrative responsibilities to stay on top of it – filing, finances, e-mail, communicating with different...

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10 Signs Clutter Has Taken Over Your Life

Sometimes life creeps up on you from all sides – and before you know it or VERY differently from what you expected. And with it, you are knee-deep in clutter. You find yourself behind on: mail filing your paper your appointments meal-planning cleaning ironing...

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