Meet Konnie

From Overwhelmed to Organized
Serving Clients Worldwide

I’m Konnie Labecki, a Professional Organizer in Paris.  I have more than 20 years experience in the corporate world reorganizing and simplifying work processes to increase productivity. Creating order and maximizing efficiency in the workplace was something I lived and breathed on a daily basis.

But I had a little secret….

At home, I was a mess.  

Let me be more precise: my home was a mess, which made me feel like a mess.  

Years ago, when I was newly married, working full-time and attending university part-time, my home was full of clutter. Piles of paper were everywhere. I had no space on my desk or table. I couldn’t find a thing.  

One day it occurred to me how much time and energy I wasted looking for things. And how the persistent mess made me feel drained and overwhelmed in my own home. Home is supposed to be a sanctuary… instead, it had become a major source of stress.

I knew this had to change. So, I channeled all the organizational skills that I used in my job into systematically reorganizing my home. Bit by bit, I created a space for everything of value.

Having this structure was life changing! No more scrambling to find things. No more stressing over messy piles.  My home finally became the place I’d always wanted it to be: a simply organized, beautiful haven that filled me with joy from the moment I walked through the door.

Spreading the Joy of Organization

After transforming my home, friends and family members began to ask for help organizing their homes, offices and events. I was happy to comply. I realized that I felt passionate about helping busy women to simplify, organize and beautify their environments.  

And why not? An organized, easy-to-maintain, beautiful home or office brings balance to your life, increases productivity, reduces stress and simply makes you happier. It frees up time and energy that you can put toward more pleasurable, fulfilling pursuits.  

I enjoyed bringing these extraordinary, life-changing benefits to people so much that in 2014, I left the corporate world to become full-time Professional Organizer.  I am now a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and have spent hundreds of hours helping clients bring order to their lives.  


Let Me Bring Calm to Your Chaos

If you’re ready to take control of the disorganization around you, I can help. I offer creative solutions and personalized tools to bring calm to your chaos, and create a happier, more productive, saner environment for you to live your best life.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the different ways to work with me. From a single closet, to your papers, to your entire home and office, I can help you conquer the mess for good.  

Contact me today to go from overwhelmed to organized. You won’t believe how free you’ll feel!