Are you completely happy with your life right now? Do you have everything in your life that you ever wanted? Chances are for most of us that we don’t. So how do you get there?

First of all, you allow yourself to have everything in life you ever dreamt of and more! Makes a HUGE difference! Trust me. I have been there – both before allowing it and after. Before I played myself small – really – I have such great talents, gifts and special personality totally set me apart and God (or call it the Universe) wants me to use my talents.

The second, often undervalued, important step to achieve anything you desire, is to declutter and get organized in all aspects of your life. And this is where I come in. I help you and guide you doing this. As a starter, I decided to write about the 9 Steps to motivate yourself when you have NO time for your decluttering/organizing.

Normally my clients pay thousands of Euros for this advice and I give this to you for free. Because I want to serve you. Because I feel organizing is something every woman can learn. Because I want every woman to lead the life she desires. Are you ready to soar in your life – read on!

Here come my 9 steps for motivation for SUCCESS generally in life, that have served my clients, myself greatly and I still use them, especially in times of change, as I experience them now (hello new gorgeous new Baby Sophie.).

Step 1 – Remind yourself of the advantages of being organized

  • Less stressful
  • More efficient
  • Less hurried
  • More fun
  • Healthier
  • More productive

You will also save:

  • Space
  • Time
  • Money

If that isn’t motivation enough to get organized, then nothing is.

Step 2 – Break it down

How do you prepare a thanksgiving meal? How do you plan for a big business project? Or how do you eat an elephant? Climb the Mount Everest? – All one step or bite at a time.

Decluttering and Getting Organized is much the same. Keep your focus small. This way it is a breeze to declutter. Goodbye Overwhelm! Start by making a list of all the problem areas. Now pick one item on this list, get it decluttered, and move on to the next.

Small successes (and even the feeling crossing it off your list) is not only a GREAT occasion to celebrate, but also carries you on (aka motivates you) in your decluttering process. So out with the old and make room for the new!

Step 3 – Visualize the end results

Do you have a dream home? What does it look like? What does organizing look like in it? No idea – get an inspiration by buying a home magazine and see how GREAT an organized home looks like. Yes, mostly they are not real homes with real people and real clutter, BUT the calm serenity, the peace of order should inspire you to make a start on your real chaos.

Step 4 – Give yourself a reason

It helps greatly to not only set an end date but also an end goal, for example, a family party, a celebration dinner, investing in that high-end biz coach. Set the date now.

That way when you have the “I can’t be bothered”-days, a quick look at your calendar will remind you that embarrassment looms if you don’t get on with it.

Step 5 – Do 10 minutes organizing first thing every day

You need organizing to develop into a daily habit, just like cleaning your teeth or having your morning tea/coffee. Do it every day. Day for day. Latest research shows that it takes on average 66 days to form a habit (done by University College London, Prof. Jane Wardle with Dr. Phillippa Lally – also reported in the European Journal of Social Psychology).

It is also proven that to eat the frog first (aka the dreaded tasks) ist best, before everyday life and the day gets in the way.

Step 6 – Recognize your success with rewards

Think of ways to reward yourself for your hard work. For small successes have small rewards, like a glass of champagne in your garden. For reaching bigger goals, have bigger rewards, like that Valentino purse. Or try new organizing products could be also a great reward to yourself as a goodie (It certainly is for this gal.)

Just make sure you declutter first (getting out the old) BEFORE you buy something you don’t really need.

Step 7 – Make it fun

One of the main problems when it comes to organizing or having success in life – it sometimes seems so boring. So set a positive atmosphere, make it fun. Open the windows for fresh air, invite a friend for extra help, turn on your music, put on comfy clothes. Just anything to make the job easier.

Step 8 – Don’t get distracted

You know that from business, I am sure. Even when you are focused for a short time,  you get more done and stay motivated to do even more than if you would allow yourself to get distracted or bored. Turn on the timer and get going. Don’t answer the phone, don’t check your email, don’t pick up your iphone for this new notification – just FOCUS!

Step 9 – Get an organizing buddy

I already mentioned it shortly under step 7.Buddy up with someone who is similarly disorganized. Make your list of problems together, make yourself accountable this way. Contact each other to ensure you are sticking to your plan and making progress. You don’t need hours, 10 minutes a day bring you a far way. You can even ask a friend to check on you and cheer you on.

So, what of those steps to success have you already practiced? Which are new to you? Which ones will you practice? I’m curious to know. Please just leave me a comment.