Dear Lovelies,


It’s been awhile since you have seen me around here. I have worked with many local clients and brewed up some ideas for future programs, going virtual and offering my services to all people worldwide. I also redid my graphics and now truly love all my materials. Over the months of August – October you will see slowly changes being made on this website, mostly by me and I can’t wait to share the exciting programs with you how you can learn from the expert how to bring organization and peace to your life, so that you can live your best life possible!!

I will continue working with selected local clients here in the Ile-de-France region and just set my business up with some systems to grow, so that I can touch even more people’s lifes.

Have all a wonderful summer filled with unforgettable memories as I will enjoy family in Germany and travel to the Canary Islands.

Stay tuned….

Warmest Wishes, Konnie

Simply Organized With Konnie