Ahhh, a productive morning and day. Who doesn’t love to have that without stress and hassle and feeling like in a hamster wheel?

I understand.

Today is the second day home alone with my two wonderful precious children. My husband travels for business the next three months. When it came up, we talked about it as a couple and just as my wonderful husband supports my endeavours, so do I and I agreed. The closer it got, the more respect I had for my own courage!

How could I possibly get it all done, be productive and have a great morning routine that would support us as a family, but also me as a business owner, Mom and woman.

How could I drink my coffee in the morning in quiet with my baby and 5-year-old in tow and still enjoy it?

So I did some research. Seriously there is nothing better than knowing you’ve been loved and had a super-productive, balanced day! Today I am sharing my secrets, findings and things to do every morning for a productive day!


Wake Up Early

I know. Sleeping in sounds great. I’ve done it for years – before kids and business. Now waking up early means always productivity hassle-free for me. Pre-baby I set my alarm clock an hour earlier before everybody else got up to have my meditation and quiet time. I found that this extra hour and getting up early got me a productive day ahead.

I must admit,  I was never a night person. So if you are, then honor your bio-cycle by sleeping in a bit.


Have A List

I think I could not function without my to-do list each day. It helps also with my preggo brain and I color-code it and use it. Next week I will let you in the 7 Secrets how to make your to-do list work for you, until then just try your best or have a coffee-chat with me. I’d love to help you out and it is just you, me, and a (virtual) cuppa – no sales and pitch.

So, when it is on my list, it normally gets done. I have an annual, monthly, weekly and daily to-do-list. I highly suggest it!


Get Out In the Sun

Or putting it differently: Sweat a little. Pre-baby I did a morning workout with Detlef Soost (a german personal trainer) or put in a walk. I felt so much better, had so much more energy all day! Post-baby I am slowly getting back at things with walking and training my lower muscles…I love regaining back my body.

It does take a little time to form a new habit. If you never worked out in the mornings, start easy, get a friend or your partner do it with you and do something you enjoy. Be kind and loving to yourself and most of all: CELEBRATE when you got that activity in in the morning 😊


Some Me-time

Turn on that music, listen to that inspiring podcast or simply just tune into your inner self, your core, your connection to God and just be. Podcasts – I just discovered and play my way around them. I will share my favourites once they are more familiar to me. Do you have some? I would love to know them. If you’ve never done me-time in the morning, just try it! You’ll feel how much more productive your day will turn out.


Eat the Frog First

What the heck does that mean?? Differently put: Tackle the hardest thing first! Studies show over and over again that once the hardest thing is out of the way, all other things feel so much easier to do.

Do you ever feel that way? I know, I certainly have!

Once that yucky, hard or challenging activity is out of the way, I just feel so accomplished, which then is such a high energy feeling that motivates me to get even more done. My day is already a win then.


Reflect or Meditate

Take the time, even just 5 or 10 minutes, and feel into what needs to be done today to bring you closer towards your goals. What can you do to make this a great day?

This always makes me feel great and I can’t wait to start the day in a positive mood.


Eat Breakfast and Drink LOTS of Water

Everyone should know by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So have one. Make it part of your morning routine. Set the table the night before. Have an egg with veggies and some carbs. Sit on the table with a napkin, silverware – the entire thing. Then ENJOY it! Simply eat breakfast, no Social Media – better use this time to connect with your family and kids.

Just as well everyone should know the benefits of drinking lots of water. Studies prove that drinking ½ – 1 l  first thing in the morning hydrates your body, helps with mental clarity, energy, mood and is simply one of the best things you can do for yourself in the morning.

Some nutritionists even argue a hot cup of water with FRESH lemon juice is better than coffee in the morning. Though I LOVE my coffee in the morning and can’t quite get myself to give it up (yet).

What are your suggestions for things to do every morning for a productive day?

Do you use any of my tips?

I would love to know!

With Love,