I heard it often and ALL of my clients are united with the same dilemma: They have read, tried and tested many different approaches to manifest organization into their homes and NOTHING stayed.

“Why is that? Am I too stupid? I’m just chaotic. I’m the worst – I cannot even keep XYZ organized.” are just a few of the remarks I hear. Let me tell you – BULLSH*!!! Not true!!!

Organizing is a skill EVERYBODY can learn! Organizing is a skill that is truly personal and intimate. No two styles are alike.

So let’s dig into it, shall we?


Successful and Long-term Clutter-Control starts with YOUR vision

Instead of handing my clients to-do lists and/or a schedule to get the clutter in and under control, I rather ask my clients during our very first meeting (so before we actually get physically started with decluttering) this: “What is the vision for the life YOU want?” That is becoming one of the leading criterias of what to I guide my clients to keep.

Embrace your UNIQUENESS and don’t try to copy something you have read in the newest organizing blog, book or article. It will not work! The only thing that works is to get in touch with yourself and find the answer(s) to “What is the vision for the life I want?”

To make it easier, here is my example:

You want your bedroom to be a calm, restful place to rejuvenate, spend time with your partner or simply use it as your ZEN-place to meditate? Now my expert tip is as simple as hard (some of you may not like me for it), here it comes: You will need to put the Computer OR TV in another room!

Instead of asking “What do I need for the house” ALWAYS ask yourself “What do I want from this space?” You’ll soon figure out what is clutter and what is not by finding your personal answers to that question.


Successful and Long-term Organizing System starts with the right decision   

I love PRETTY. That’s one reason why a lot of my clients hire me. They want a pretty final solution. Just a pretty box or a pretty magazine holder doesn’t make a long-lasting successful organizing system.

Actually it is just the opposite…it adds even mid-term to procrastination and even more chaos! Don’t leave the pretty box in the store either! It is more complex than that and starts at a different, you guessed it, deeper point: DECISION-MAKING and HONESTY – KEYS!

So do you have in your vision hidden systems (that you cannot see or that do not display what is inside)? Or do you prefer open-systems? If you like for instance open-systems then pretty boxes will not work for you EVER.

Also when you like hidden systems – if you buy that pretty container and just throw your stuff in there is not helping either. We have a very smart subconsciousness. Our mind knows deep down that there is chaos in this pretty box and basically you just placed your clutter in a different place.

Consequently, you need to practice your decision-making. Clutter is really nothing else then ducking decision or refusing to make them. So when the mail comes in, for example, decide right then and there to keep the piece or toss it. Practice decision-making in your organizing process on easy parts, old magazines, for example, incoming mail or incoming email, or even clothing.

“Make a pact with yourself. When something comes in, something must go out.” – Konnie Labecki 

When you want that new red dress, an old one will have to go first. Once you start doing that, you’ll notice you stop buying so much (and that not only saves clutter, but actually money.)


Keep everyone on track

Normally you are not living alone or have help in form of a maid or housekeeper. One of the most crucial parts to keep an organizing system successful and long-term is to involve everybody living or helping in the household!

Everyone must understand that to know how to organize your home BEGINS with keeping everyone in your home INVOLVED. Everyone should play a part in daily chores and regular organization.

This means things like simple cleaning and laundry should really be shared by all as well as individual office or bedroom tidying should be managed by individuals as needed.

“Sit together once a week and make a plan, have some fun over coffee and write down what everybody’s vision of their dream home or office is. That helps you greatly to develop YOUR organizing system that will stay long-term and everybody is motivated to keep the space organized because everybody is involved. Keep everybody involved in the keep-up as well.” – Konnie Labecki

You’d be amazed to learn that your teenagers LOVE doing the dishes, or your toddler feels like a big responsible kid when taking out the plastic trash. When everybody pitches in both in creating AND up-keep of the organizing system that it gives YOU time, energy and more quality moments to LIVE YOUR VISION for your home and life.


Schedule Declutter Sessions

Clutter tolerance is like the flu. Every once in while there will be so much clutter that it becomes intolerable with sparking short-lived but fiery anti-clutter efforts. Know them?

Try instead to tackle your clutter gradually and over time. Beating clutter long-term and successfully requires new habits, applying new methods and creating new routines. You get to create content on a new white clean sheet of paper – that is so exciting and fun!! The clutter cure takes time, and CANNOT BE SHORT-CUT.

Resist the temptation to go all-out in fevered, short-term sorties again clutter. Slow and steady wins the decluttering race.

Schedule in your time decluttering session – it can be family fun (should be coordinated) or on your own. 15 min can be enough for starters. Start with one SMALL corner, like the junk drawer and throw out straight to the trash bin ALL the clutter (everything that has no home and you have not touched in 6 months).  The next 15 min you take all out that actually has a home but elsewhere (and you put it there right away) and you’ll see likely your junk-drawer is EMPTY!! How does that feel? I’m sure GREAT! Bask in that feeling and enjoy it. It will keep you motivated for your next little corner.

“It also helps to make a list with all things clutter that will NEVER again take home in your home and display it for everybody to see and implement it. – Konnie Labecki


Change Begins With YOU

Clutter is everywhere and every family member adds to the clutter in their ways. Adults read and shed their newspapers or magazines everywhere, children clutter with craft supplies or toys. Poor housekeeping routines land piles of clean and/or dirty clothes on the couch and bathroom and heaps of papers everywhere. So where do you start?

BEFORE calling the family meeting from above, think first. If you have no example, not the energy to enforce it, ALL efforts will be FAILING.

Instead build knowledge, motivation and credibility by MASTERING YOUR OWN Clutter challenges first, THEN involving the remainder of the family.

By walking the walk, you’ll become familiar with the processes, challenges and will be better able to help your family move toward a better organization and a better life. Knowing the road ahead, understanding the difficulties, and being able to demonstrate successful self-change will help you help them make a good- AND lasting start.

Those tips should set you off to a GREAT start with YOUR working and long-lasting organizational systems – SUCCESSFULLY.

Would you like to become that organizing leader for your family or just simply establish YOUR OWN organizing systems – long-term and successfully?

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