These back to school organization ideas made the beauty-organizing-perfectionist in me so happy! I am a pretty organized person, yet even I have not all under control and everything in a state that I just love. Life happens, I’m human. And that’s ok. I give my best to teach and live out to my child what it means to be organized and how to easily achieve it, so we all can have more time enjoying our life and do things that really matter in life to us, like friendships, family-time, personal growth, playing…

Even though, we are in France already back to school since almost 2 weeks, it is still the time to think about jackets, backpacks (or cartables as we say in French), schedules, extracurriculars, and books. But with all those things that our kids love, need and enjoy, how do you keep it all organized? Where do you store it?

What most of my clients shocks, is the amount of paper that come home from school. The following list with organizing goodies and idea, started when looking for all kinds of options how to get those papers organized.

In the following I’ll share with you some organizing solution we found to inspire you, to motivate you and to give you a glimpse of that zen-moment and deep happiness I and my clients feel when we organized, simplified and beautified their corners and spaces.

Do-it-yourself Chore Chart – great for especially the youngest family members organized_chore_chart

Colorful, cheerful Wall Calendar – great for the family to see who is going with whom where to what: organized-wall-calendar

I loved creating this Family Chalkboard Command Center – a wonderful way to use even narrow-wall spaces family-chalkboard-command-center

This Mini Homework Station was born out of a lack of space:            organized_homework_station

For more artsy students this Turnable Homework Station ( I love “Lazy Susans”.):  organized_turnable_homework_station

Here we used the Door as an organizing space with the over the door school craft organizer: over-the-door-school-craft-organizer

Another over the door back to school organizer:                              over_the_door_back_to_school_organizer

Back to school lunch organizer – easy, organized, kids can just grab their items to snack on: back-to-school-lunch-organizer

We mixed command center and wardrobe hooks to this Back To School Zone: organized_back-to-school-zone

Finally an example of how you can organize your built-in-closet and make it to a great kids- and nursery closet: organized_kids_nursery_closet

How do you keep up with the Back-to-school-organization? Were my examples inspiring for you? Feeling motivated to get started? Need help? I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and cheering you on!

Warmest Wishes,
Konnie Labecki
NAPO Professional Organizer and Coach
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