I’ve worked with hundreds of hours with clients and businesses and I’m always amazed what decluttering DOES achieve. I’m simply LOVING the energy, creativity, productivity, health, freedom, power, money, sleep, time and self-esteem organizing and decluttering brings to life. EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

Here is my Top-10 Hitlist:

1. More Energy – Less Stress

It is early morning, you are running late, you check for the key – BUT…WAIT….Where are they? Sounds familiar? In your body that means tons of Adrenalin and Cortisol are being pushed into the system and happiness is NOT near. Stress is proven in many studies now as a risk for your health, and energy-levels BIG time. Instead, close your eyes and imagine this: It is early morning, you are leaving on time, check for your key, it’s there. You leave the house with a smile on your face and can’t wait to get started on the tasks ahead and your day. How does that feel to you? Much better, doesn’t it?

2. Creative Breakthroughs

Did you know that your mind is bombarded every single day with Millions of information, feelings, and thoughts? Our minds can only process 300 pieces of information each minute. Spell Overflow here. Then add all the thoughts, feelings and time that your mind needs to spend when dealing with clutter, searching, disorganization… Less space for productive thoughts (300 minus X). What is left? On average an unorganized person has mind space for only 5 (!!) information per minute to process. What a shame. Once you’re organized my creative clients skyrocketed their business… They hardly can keep up with the creative thoughts, ideas, and products flowing. Why? Simply because their minds can truly process 250-300 creative, good information per minute instead of being literally occupied with clutter.

PS: When talking about mind here, I mean your subconscious mind, my love.

3. MORE TIME – 8 hours or MORE PER WEEK

Studies from KPMG and BCG in the corporate world show that an organized, clear structured workplace, mind and human being has 8 hours OR MORE Time than one that drowns in clutter, paper piles and confusing systems. Who wouldn’t like to have 8 hours or more per week to spend with potential clients, making sales or hanging with the family? Do you?

Are you ready to have more energy, creative breakthroughs and time? Then simply write me a short note and I’m happy to connect with you to see how I can help you and if we are fit to work together. CLICK HERE to get in touch with me.

4. Money, Honey

Logically when one has more time, more energy, more creative breakthroughs and uses them inspired and wisely, one has more clients, sells more products, serves more, and subsequently has more money in the bank. As we are the creators of our future and our money now with our minds – guess what, money FLOWS with more ease into your life. Have been in both places myself, so know firsthand. Proven by many financial studies out there as well.

5. What’s Drama?

You probably know how you react under stress and lack of time, money, energy. Wouldn’t you agree that it is not your best version? Is it something along the lines of short-tempered, anger, fear, shouting, crying, feeling less than…? How do others react to all of that in your life? Quite often fear, anger, temper etc. creates DRAMA in life – and who needs that? Order, Freedom, Organizing, Time, Abundance create Balance and with that Drama does not feel comfortable in your life, so it doesn’t stay, doesn’t it?

6. Sleep More Rejuvenating

When you worry ALL the time, your head movies flip at any given time it has the chance to, which results often in a lack of sleep and/or a minor quality of sleep. Hence less creativity, because you’re not rested enough, more drama, because you’re crouch, less energy etc.

Once you know where the things in your space are, you sorted and maintain only emotions and relationships that love and support you, your mind has cleared, you are sparking with energy and creativity… Your sleep quality will skyrocket. You may even find you need now less sleep than before, simply because the quality of it improved. Sounds alluring?

Are you done with fear and anxiety? Do you feel your fear and anxiety is blocking you? Then drop me a short line. I’m happy to connect with you and see how I can help you with my coaching tools and Time Line Therapy and if we are fit to work together. I love helping women go from overwhelm to unstoppable through clearing and decluttering their mind, emotions and space. CLICK HERE to get in touch with me.

7. You’re the Shining Star

Stress, Lack of Time and Abundance leave their trace – in your face and appearance. You can wear the brightest shining colors, you’ll look dull in comparison to an organized clutter-free person. Simply of the downsizing effects clutter has on energy and your skin. Wouldn’t it be fun saving on those facial creams and looking even more radiant and young?

8. The Pounds

No, I’m not talking about the British Pounds – which has great value. No, I’m talking about your Body-Pounds. YUP. Clutter and Disorganization in your time, meal preparation and life planning, in general, has a proven growing effect on your muffin top or your body. So get decluttered, get your time management under control, your priorities straight and like magic, you’ll lose those extra pounds (over time, healthily and have no work maintaining it.) Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It’s true!

9. Taking the right risks

Well, once your mind doesn’t need to worry about clutter, where the keys are, if all bills are paid, what to cook tonight, when to call which prospect client, how to do it all, THEN, yes only then, is your mind able to evaluate and judge the right risks in life and encourage you to take them, Result? Your dream life and business are so much closer! Guaranteed! It’s just how our minds work.

10. Soaring Self-Esteem

Clutter makes you feel like you are the slave – of your time, of your family, of your business, your life. Once you’ve got the clutter taking care off, you will feel like the Goddess you are meant to be. You are in charge. You do the call. Your self-esteem will soar. You will be unstoppable. Guaranteed!

Ready to go from Overwhelmed to Simply Unstoppable? I’m so excited for you and happy to help! Let’s chat! Just drop me a line and I’m so happy to connect with you. Let’s find out how we can work together and most importantly how I can help you on.

So excited to see you soar and be the Goddess in your life that you are meant to be! I want to hear all your thoughts about it! Your struggles, how it shows up in your life and business, your amazing visions, what you would like to change and what’s holding you back – all of it. I’m here and happy to help you on!