Endless piles of paper

Your bathroom storage is just overflowing with make-up, beauty-goodies and feels more like a stockroom than a beauty-spa?

Overflowing closet of clothes and stuffed drawers

Pangs of guilt every time you try and throw out clothes, books, photos…

… You feel overwhelmed & secretly wish it could be taken care of with a with a snap of your fingers?


Konnie has such a gift for creating a functional and lovely space. She has completely transformed our chaotic clutter into a peaceful and workable system. I am so thankful for her work with me, and in my home! I’ve learned a great deal about myself through the process, and feel I have tools to help me move forward on my own. THANK YOU KONNIE!!


Paris, France

Welcome to Simply Organized, Simply Free:

4 weeks to being clutter-free

My home and paper organizing course helps you:


Reduce overwhelm by using the secret to organizing most organizers / articles don’t tell you.


Organize paperwork using smart, easy-to-use systems


Declutter your bathroom, closet, bedroom, kitchen and offices


Create systems that keeps your home (and mind) clutter free

… So that you come home to a CALM SPACE, have MORE ENERGY and a CLEAR MIND

I would describe my time with you as transformative that has led to so much happiness. I can’t thank you enough.


Paris, France

Please note limited spaces available

I’m Konnie Labecki,

A napo professional organizer and founder of

Simply Organized with Konnie

For almost 20 years, I’ve helped countless busy women and businesses to simplify, organize and beautify their environments through creative, simple solutions and personalized tools.

Stop wasting time reading book and articles on organizing that work for others. I give you decluttering solutions specific for your home and family.

I bring:

  • A non-judgmental approach
  • Gentle support and accountability
  • Group in a safe, secret place
  • Weekly Organizing Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Personalized solutions
  • Worksheets and Guidance to help you develop YOUR easy Organizing Solutions

Working with Konnie has taken the dread out of organizing my papers and closet. She is full of creative ideas, taking out all of the torture of systemizing my papers, decision-making and guides me to the very best solutions.


Paris, France

It’s time to create order in your home:
Discover today how we will free your home, papers and mind from clutter together

BY taking advantage of this amazing Class NOW.

Please note limited spaces available

Having Konnie come organize, declutter and beautify our apartment was truly a gift for me. She is very good at what she does and her love for her work is contagious. I now enjoy organizing and don’t dread it. She gave me a system that I can maintain and that is the real gift for me. I enjoyed the time we’d spend together and would look forward to our next organizing session. I appreciate her honesty and warmth as a person. With a baby on the way, I thought we’d have to move to accommodate the new baby and she was able to create space in our apartment so that we didn’t have to move. She has so many ideas and creative solutions to organizing as well. She also has a strong understanding of how the European way of life and the American way of life works. Being American, she understood my cultural background and the American paperwork I had as well as the French culture and paperwork. She offered organizing solutions to accommodate both cultures. Thank you Konnie for all your help. I can now enjoy our home thanks to you.


Paris, France