Conquer Your Paper Mountains

Whether you work for someone else in a responsible position or for yourself, being a woman in business and having a family is hard. It’s demanding of your time, energy and emotions.
Plus work and home are in constant battle for who gets more of your attention on any given week.

For example, like about 6 years ago, while working full-time and finishing my college-degree part-time, I simply never had time for myself! All the time I was working – either calculating taxes and advising clients or studying for my classes -, doing chores, being a great wife, cooking, being a friend, being a daughter and before I knew it, the days just flew by, the hours gone. Only my to-do list wasn’t gone and those papers….they kept growing on me and in my appartment. Piles of them.

I hated them and I hated my life. I felt I existed, but not lived. I had lost control over all the papers in our home.

Are you feeling the same about your papers – overwhelmed, loosing control? Did you have days like this? I know, I certainly have!

As you can see, you are not alone, boy it is so easy to loose control!

Paper is one of the top ways of cluttering our home and spaces. Many of us get BOMBARDED by papers daily and it is STRESSFUL to know that we will miss out on the really important stuff.

You look around you and it seems other people have it all under control. You’re thinking you’re the only one struggling with getting a grip on your papers or worse, feel you’re unable to get your papers back under control.

You’ve tried many different things, read many books, thought Marie Kondo finally could help you with her Minimalism-Strategy and you would be at a different place by now. You still feel overwhelmed, your mind cluttered and going in thousand directions, wasting time and energy looking for that bill that needed to be paid.

You are not alone, but you need support and clarity: why all your efforts did not work, that there is a way forward and some assurance that all is well with you.

This LIVE Day “Conquer Your Paper Mountains” is just what you need – it will support you to regain control, reduce the stress, clear the fog (and mind), and walk the path to a life of order, simplicity and freedom – long-lasting and easy-to-maintain.

You no longer will be a slave to your papers, sacrificing your energy, time and space , with little to show for YOU.

You will be more productive, energetic, happy and have more time! Promise!

We will develop solutions focused on the one thing that matters most – YOU.


I’m Konnie Labecki,

A napo professional organizer and founder of

Simply Organized with Konnie

For almost 20 years, I’ve helped countless busy women and businesses to simplify, organize and beautify their environments through creative, simple solutions and personalized tools.

Stop wasting time reading book and articles on organizing that work for others. I give you decluttering solutions specific for your home and family.

I bring:

  • A non-judgmental approach
  • Gentle support and accountability
  • Group in a safe, secret place
  • Weekly Organizing Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Personalized solutions
  • Worksheets and Guidance to help you develop YOUR easy Organizing Solutions

Conquer Your Paper Mountains

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