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10 Signs Clutter Has Taken Over Your Life

Sometimes life creeps up on you from all sides – and before you know it or VERY differently from what you expected. And with it, you are knee-deep in clutter. You find yourself behind on: mail filing your paper your appointments meal-planning cleaning ironing...

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Hello 2017!

Hello Simply Amazing Ladies (and Gents), By now it is almost mid January 2017 and most of us did not get very far with our resolutions or feel some steam leaving our system. We still look for something else to fill this void. We still feel something is missing. But...

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What 2016 has taught me

2016 has been such a growing year for me full of healing, eye-opening moments, joy and learning.My business went great and you may say “Konnie, how great. You worked with 13 amazing ladies.” Yes, and I have.I am grateful for my amazingly supporting husband, cutest...

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24 Back to School Organization Ideas

These back to school organization ideas made the beauty-organizing-perfectionist in me so happy! I am a pretty organized person, yet even I have not all under control and everything in a state that I just love. Life happens, I'm human. And that's ok. I give my best to...

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