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10 BIG reasons to clear your clutter

I’ve worked with hundreds of hours with clients and businesses and I’m always amazed what decluttering DOES achieve. I’m simply LOVING the energy, creativity, productivity, health, freedom, power, money, sleep, time and self-esteem organizing and decluttering brings...

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7 Things to do every morning for a productive day

Ahhh, a productive morning and day. Who doesn’t love to have that without stress and hassle and feeling like in a hamster wheel? I understand. Today is the second day home alone with my two wonderful precious children. My husband travels for business the next three...

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Conquering Your Kitchen – Ending Your Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is the heart of the household - warm, welcoming, the place where most people end up gathering at a party, in short: the place of all nourishment. In most houses it is also the most use places in the entire home – so when this room is not functioning...

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Regaining Control Over Paper (and Your Office Too)

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to need a functional office that lets your creativity spark and productivity rise. Every human being has at least a few administrative responsibilities to stay on top of it – filing, finances, e-mail, communicating with different...

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